Friday, 8 December 2017

Unity: I'm back and bionic

Ubuntu 18.04 daily ISO respun with unity

By now the future of Ubuntu without unity is a reality for anyone using the daily builds of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS otherwise know as Bionic Beaver. However as reported by OMG! UBUNTU! there is a growing Ubuntu community who would like to use the Unity 7 desktop by default. An initial proposal to create a new community Ubuntu flavour as Ubuntu Unity has been knocked back pending further clarification of development support not only for the unity packages but also for compiz, gtk, nux and all the other dependencies especially as some may be deprecated both now or maybe soon.

Whilst an Ubuntu Unity Remix may be the next step the project team have already built a PPA for the experimental packages for the Unity 7 desktop together with an updated ISO for testing. Currently this ISO is also available along with all the Bionic Beaver testing ISOs from the tester-wiki.

If you are interested in the project I recommend you look at their Ubuntu Community Hub.

Ubuntu 18.04 daily ISO with default GNOME

If you want to try but your hardware won't boot the testing ISO it is possible to use my '' script to respin it suitable for Intel Atom and Intel Apollo Lake devices.

Alternatively you can respin the current daily Bionic Beaver ISO and replace GNOME with Unity by adding their PPA. An example command is: -i bionic-desktop-amd64.iso -e gdm3 \
-r ppa:unity7maintainers/unity7-desktop -p ubuntu-unity-desktop

which creates the ISO 'linuxium-bionic-desktop-amd64.iso'. Likewise you can also add additional respin options for example '--apollo' to make a bootable ISO for Intel Apollo Lake devices. See my documentation for a complete explanation of the options and how they work.

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